Yanda Log Cabin
148 S. Main St., Glen Carbon IL 62034
(618) 288-7271
(618) 288-7271 PHONE

The Yanda Log Cabin is believed to have been built by blacksmith William Yanda in 1853. William Yanda and his wife Anna Zeola, immigrants from Bohemia, Austria,  lived in the cabin with their ten children.  In 1882, their oldest son, Frank Yanda, who was also a blacksmith, returned to his “home place” with his wife Anna Benda and raised eleven children in the cabin. Frank sold the cabin to his son Frank Jr., one of the early Mayors of the village.

Over time, a house was build around the original cabin.  In 1989, the Village of Glen Carbon bought the house and lot.  Upon discovering the orinigal cabin, renovation began to restore it.  The task was completed in 1992, and the cabin now serves as satellite addition to the Glen Carbon Heritage Museum. 

No Smoking     

Hours of Operation

By appointment only.

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